November 2008

"I consider myself very lucky to have such a gentleman as our guide
through the very busy and beautiful cities of Indonesia.  When the
challenges of a foreign country presented themselves, we were able
to relax and enjoy the environment.  We were confident that Edhi was
there to take care of us."
December 2008

Lucy , Andrew & Alice Godycky
"We arranged with Edhi to drive us overnight from Jakarta to Jogja.
Edhi and his co-driver, Han, picked us up from the airport upon our
arrival. We were provided with a very comfortable and air-conditioned
vehicle and 2 very competent drivers who alternated the driving every
few hours. Edhi was very considerate of our needs to stop and stretch
our legs, have some refreshments and most importantly, toilet stops!
The trip was comfortable and pleasant.
On arriving in Jogja at our accomodation (recommended by Edhi),
after some rest, we were treated to some great sightseeing of
Borobodur temple and Jogja city. Edhi was available for the entire
weekend to transport us to dinner, Karaoke and finally to the airport.
We had a great time mainly due to our driver / guides flexibility and
friendly service"
January 2009

My trip to Indonesia was a great success thanks to Corie who
organised everything and Edhi who drove me all over Java. It's just
great to have a driver who knows all the small streets in Yogyakarta
and showed me all the beauties of his country from the temple to the
volcanoes from the beaches to the mountains and the coffee
plantation. I can only recommend this tour.
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April 10 - April 15 ,2009

" We are glad to have adventuretrans for arranging a most memorable
honeymoon trip for us from Bali to Jogya. Most of our friends said
recommended by adventuretrans. An impressive part of our journey
was that the APV we were using is equipped with power socket which
enable us to charge our camera anytime and we had shot a lot of nice
photos without worry running out of battery."

Warmest regards from Sarawak,
Land of Hornbill
Luk and Liew
March 2009 (27-29 March 2009)

Well, it`s always hard to begin. But first of all, i`d like to thank you, Edhi
and Wobo (the driver, whom i don`t know how to spell correctly).
Our first impression was Edhi`s hospitality and his welcoming
manners. We just loved sharing our meals with him and Wobo.
Especially we enjoyed the diversity Edhi was trying to bring into our
meals, every time with traditional and regional flavour. Although the
diners were probably quite poor looking for the European, we are not
that posh and enjoyed our food absolutely, especially that wonderful
duck on the way to Probolinggo.
Of course, Yogja and Central Java deserve much more time.  The first
day, that we really felt quite beaten by the end of the day (we got used
to that through the following days ok). Our first day was quite tough so
we decided to cancel Merapi viewpoint the following morning and
head down to Prambanan and Bromo directly. We should have visited
the Sultans` Palace instead, but i`ve forgotten about it ((. As well, i
didn`t know we would be passing Solo, which deserves a lot of
attention. And we passed by the Pitekantrope museum unfortunately,
which is really very interesting for me as long as i`m a doctor. But i
must admit, that the guys paid lots of attention to our needs and
answered most of our numerous questions.
Accommodation: everything was absolutely alright we have no
complaints, we it`s not our habbit to complain much. Yet, the first one
in Jogja was incomparable the the Yoshi and quite distant from the
centre. Cozy Yoshi hotel was awesome!! If we had more time, we
would have stayed there for another night to enjoy that wonderful fresh
mountain cool air, mahogany decorations and views. Concerning
comfortability, that was our best accommodation in Indonesia,
including 4 star hotel in Surabaya )) the only misfortune was the
electricity, which was enough for the lights to be on, but insufficient for
battery charger and hair dryer.
And of course we have exclusive photos of the area.
We should have booked our tickets to Lombok with you in advance. I
thought it would be no problem, but when we arrived to the airport and
Edhi left it turned out that no tickets were available untill the day after.
There were some people offering tickets, but i was afraid to
collaborate with them and we had to stay overnight in Surabaya, waist
lots of money on a useless star hotel, which was in the centre, but we
couldn`t see the town at all. We bought tickets to Bali next morning in
hope to find flights to Mataram from there. But upon arrival it turned out
that everything was overbooked and finally i had to buy tickets from
those guys, reserving all the waiting list and sharing their income with
the cashier. but it was ok and finally we landed in Lombok, our final
destination. We wanted to go by ferry, but i couldn`t find the information
on it at the airport and decided not to risk our precious time. As a
result, we spent a bit more money than we should have but next time i
would know better.
Nicole's Family when in
Sambisari Temple
Nicole and Family
when on Si Kidang
Crater - Dieng Plateau
Kate's Cusin when on
Baron Beach
Australia & China
May 29 - 01 June 01  2009

Thank you so much. Everything went very smoothly. Edhi is a really
nice guy and a very good driver. We felt completely safe with him all the
time. HIs local knowledge and calm, friendly manner are great for
visitors like us. And he was wonderful with taking care of our baby
when we were taking in the sights.  I will certainly be recommending
Adventuretrans and Edhi.The Suzuki is a very comfortable vehicle and
an ideal size for traffic and narrower streets while still being suitable
for carrying luggage (of which we have plenty). We really enjoyed